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About us

          Fulgent Life Inc is a transformative biotech global company. We tap into innovation and technology to develop patented pharmaceuticals and breakthrough treatment plans that benefit humankind.

          Currently we have labs in America and China working together to accelerate the process of developing targeted patents in several medical fields patents for acute leukemia, TNBC, ALD, nephritis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease etc. With two pharmaceutical patents in place and eight more in progress, we are on our way to developing solutions people around the world can benefit from. In 2022, we are releasing our leading patent product “BAC-UP” to the global market, it is the post-drinking discomfort recovery. 

         US Patent No: 11,376,271 ; PCT No. US2021/25672

         US Patent  No.17/527,629 ; PCT No. US21/59570.



OUR mission

The driving force for our company’s sustainable development is corporate social responsibility. We believe in providing customers with products of the highest quality, developed from patient-centered research to meet clinical needs.

In everything we do, including our business operations, Fulgent Life advocates the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility towards our stakeholders and the communities in which we work and live, as well as patients worldwide. 

Besides, we aim to help pharmaceutical companies to gain market access to China.


Our product

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Sober Rush is an reduce next day discomfort  supplement invented by Fulgent Life and UCLA Cancer research center.

Our proven formula reduces all the post-drinking discomfort by improving the enzyme activity. Within 3 hrs, your body quickly eliminate the toxins created through alcohol consumption.

Development Area


New Product Development

We are committed to accelerating the development and market promotion of safe and effective innovative supplements for patients,  aim to relieve patients' pain and bring healing and hope.


Corporate Employees and Culture

We value recruitment and have an open, equal, respectful, and free corporate environment. Fulgent life Inc. values ​​talents of different backgrounds, ages, genders, races, religions, nationalities, and sexual orientations.





We strive to resolve illnesses, improve the environment, and promote environmental change through medical research.





We firmly believe in the importance of giving back to the community, and actively contribute labor, material, and financial resources to the communities in which we are located.


Principles of Operation Management

We insist on operating the company with the highest ethical standards on clinical trials, product production, development of high-quality experimental drugs, and also the way we treat each employee, patient, and other stakeholders.




Rafael Zhou, President


Engaged in pharmaceutical business in China for 24 years. He founded Jiuhe Pharmaceutical in Jilin Province and Jiuhe Pharmaceutical in Liaoning Province, with more than 180 products. There are more than 300 sales in his team and the annual turnover is more than 3 billion(RMB).

Founded Haihe bioteach, Inc in 2016, mainly focusing on the production of NMN, NADH and other enzymes, and invented the advanced process of the whole enzyme method in China.

Yong Wu, an Associate Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Johnson Comprehensive Cancer Center; and the Core Director for the
Drug Discovery Program.  Up to now, Dr. Wu has a number of patents for the invention of anti-cancer, anti-diabetes and cardiovascular drugs authorized
by the United States, and has published more than 60 articles.

Shawn Tang, CEO 

Founded Hunan Guolian Investment Co., Ltd. in 1999

Hunan New Energy Venture Capital Fund   partner

Hong Kong Huilian Financial Holdings 8030 (listed in Hong Kong in 2010)  sponsor

Founded Interunited Investment USA Corp in 2009


Established Metrosupermarket, Temple City, Los Angeles, USA in 2012


In 2016, founded OCM GROUP  INC, is mainly engaged in the development and operation of the Chinese food, with an annual sales scale of nearly 200 million US dollars.

Bill Liu, COO

Mr. Liu has more than 20 years of pharmaceutical research and development experience in CROs, large pharmas and small pharmas, in CNS, respiratory diseases and oncology.  He led and participated in multiple successful ANDA, NDA, and BLA applications with FDA, TPP, and EMEA. He specialized in CMC, drug development, regulatory, and marketing.  He had studied Economics, Chemistry, and Biostatistics. 

Mia Fuller, sales director

She has more than 16 years of successful experience in sales, having worked with both the General Nutrition Corporation and Tasly Pharmaceuticals as a sales director. Mia possesses a wealth of marketing management experience, focusing on planning and implementing sales as well as marketing and business development. With an innovative spirit and excellent organizational collaboration ability, she is adept at identifying talent, building and developing sales teams, and guiding them to realize their potential to drive business growth. A strong believer in the importance of positive thinking in the workplace, Mia promotes a motivated team atmosphere with her cheerful and confident energy

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